Todd Burge

"He's invented his own art form" Tim O'Brien



Like a Randy Newman with a guitar, he’s also been described as a Warren Zevon who can evoke bizarre characters and situations. ....Burge live takes the cake.
— Amos Perrine - No Depression
Todd belongs in the company of Peter Stampfel, Todd Snider and Paul Thorn with Roger Miller winking from beyond. Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
— Larry Groce - Mountain Stage Host (NPR)
He’s got a great talent as a writer and unique view of the world; he’s invented his own art form. His songs just get better and better.
— Tim O'Brien - Grammy Winner

Live from NPR's Mountain Stage - I'm a Shark

I’m convinced - Ingenious Todd Burge successfully blends more wit and wisdom per song than anyone else I’ve enjoyed in years
— Ron Goad - Vice Pres – Songwriter’s Association of Washington DC

Live at The Kennedy Center - Pickin' A Lock

Literate, witty, off-kilter & always highly entertaining...a real revelation
— Pete Marshall, Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA / WTJU Charlottesville
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