Todd Burge

"He's invented his own art form" Tim O'Brien



Burge Bald Eagle 2.jpg

Adam of Eve
b/w Bald Eagle

The New Single by Todd Burge

Out Everywhere

July 3rd 2018


Todd belongs in the company of Peter Stampfel, Todd Snider and Paul Thorn with Roger Miller winking from beyond. Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
— Larry Groce - Mountain Stage Host (NPR)
He’s got a great talent as a writer and unique view of the world; he’s invented his own art form. His songs just get better and better.
— Tim O'Brien - Grammy Winner

Live from NPR's Mountain Stage - I'm a Shark

I’m convinced - Ingenious Todd Burge successfully blends more wit and wisdom per song than anyone else I’ve enjoyed in years
— Ron Goad - Vice Pres – Songwriter’s Association of Washington DC

Live at The Kennedy Center - Pickin' A Lock

Literate, witty, off-kilter & always highly entertaining...a real revelation
— Pete Marshall, Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA / WTJU Charlottesville
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